New Product Release: IBDataWorks 1.0

SoftMosis Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IBDataWorks 1.0. IBDataWorks is a powerful
data modeling tool, allowing new database entity relationship models to be created quickly.
IBDataWorks is designed exclusively for InterBase to give the user full access to all of InterBase's®

IBDataWorks drastically reduces the amount of time needed to create or maintain your databases,
saving you time and money. Features such as importing SQL scripts, forward and reverse engineering a
database and saving and loading your work and preferences makes IBDataWorks a powerful tool for creating
new databases or maintaining existing ones.

IBDataWorks has been developed to work with older versions of InterBase® (4.x, 5.x) as well as the
latest versions (6.x) and 3rd party open source implementations such as Firebird 1.0. "Case" sensitive
object support is handled for versions supporting dialect 3. Note: Some 4.x versions may be limited to
certain features and some connection problems may occur.

Features include:

  • Powerful editors for metadata objects including:
    • Domains
    • Exceptions
    • Generators
    • Grants
    • Indexes
    • Roles
    • Stored Procedures
    • Tables
    • Triggers
    • UDFs
    • Views
  • Fully customizable model layout appearance (background color, fonts, attributes, etc...)
  • Reverse engineer from SQL scripts or live database.
  • Forward engineer to script or to a live database.

More information is available on our product page.

A free feature-limited trial version is available for download
here. The print and save options are disabled in
the trial version.