IBQueryEditor 1.0 Released

SoftMosis Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IBQueryEditor 1.0.

IBQueryEditor is a graphical tool designed to allow you to quickly write, save, load and execute SQL
scripts against any InterBase® or Firebird database. It provides the following features:

  • edit and author SQL scripts and queries
  • multi-threaded to allow multiple queries to be run simultaneously
  • connection manager to manage servers and databases
  • multiple output formats for query results including: CSV, Tab Delimited, and XML

IBDataWorks 1.1 available for download

A new version of IBDataWorks 1.1 (Build 152) is available for download.


  • increased size of CHECK constraint editor.
  • 3 new sample color schemes included (Blue & Teal, Black & White, Promotional)
  • support added for the following SQL statements when reverse engineering a SQL

IBDataWorks 1.0.149 bug fix release available for download

A new release of IBDataWorks 1.0 (Build 149) is available for download.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • Missing or duplicate table or view names caused access violation.
  • Some European locales causes errors during application load and reverse engineering.

New Product Release: IBDataWorks 1.0

SoftMosis Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IBDataWorks 1.0. IBDataWorks is a powerful
data modeling tool, allowing new database entity relationship models to be created quickly.
IBDataWorks is designed exclusively for InterBase to give the user full access to all of InterBase's®

IBDataWorks drastically reduces the amount of time needed to create or maintain your databases,
saving you time and money. Features such as importing SQL scripts, forward and reverse engineering a